John Regan Associates Limited is a specialist provider working both in the Higher Education sector (biodiversity rich campuses/enhanced green spaces, etc.) and with biodiversity driven sites such as zoos, botanic gardens, parks, aquaria, etc.  


We assist in strategic planning, concept developmentdevelopment of influence networks, partnership formation, public affairs,  major funding and fund raising.


In the Downloads section you will find a number of thought pieces and other documents likely of interest to anyone seeking major funding for a zoo, ‘green university’, aquarium, botanic garden or other biodiversity driven venue.


On the Testimonials page you will find some comments from various organisations with which we have worked.


Beyond the biodiversity site specific sector, we provide strategic fundraising support for smaller charities.


We also work internationally in significant projects where biodiversity meets community regeneration meets international science research partnerships ; and other critical policy agenda relating to the natural world

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Latest News

Round table meeting to finds ways to support imaginative green space development at HEI campuses in UK

Very successful meeting in Parliament last week. Brought together multiple stakeholders and funders to look at how to assist the HEI sector to move forward on this. Two Lottery distributors, NERC, RHS, Department of Education, DeFra, Leverhulme Foundation and Wolfson Foundation amongst others. Interested to hear from Universities, other HEIs, FEs with tertiary education remit., which might seek to benefit. Otherwise watch this space!

What Our Clients Say

During the time I worked alongside John on the Chester Zoo executive, John was responsible for what I believe was the largest corporate capital investment to any UK Zoo, a $3 million Jaguar sponsorship. During that time, he also delivered £1.5 million through Asian Elephant fundraising. I later became very aware of his public affairs work on behalf of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums and its UK equivalent, BIAZA. In the latter context he successfully lobbied via Sir Digby Jones, then President of the CBI, for some £30 million backdated VAT due to a consortium of UK zoos. John’s ability to reach decision makers at a very high level and to adopt a strategic approach to external funding with a track record of success is unique and has provided a tremendous service to the UK zoo community.



– Dr. Mark Pilgrim Director Werribee Open Range Zoo and former CEO NEZS, Chester Zoo.  

“Working with John has always been a masterclass in gaining entry to relevant networks at the highest level. A novel and creative thinker, John has great tenacity and focus and is therefore an indispensable asset.” 

– James Cretney, CEO Marwell Wildlife

“I have worked with John Regan for many years in my former role as CEO of the Welsh Mountain Zoo – National Zoo of Wales. I have always found John to be totally committed to the principle of good progressive zoos. He has proved to be very effective at seeking out funding or using his network of influencers, decision-makers or celebrities. Whatever project John is asked to work on he will always bring with him added value.”

– Nick Jackson, recent former CEO National Zoo of Wales

There can be no one that maintains a better all round, wise and experienced perspective and understanding of the political, social and global challenges and more importantly the opportunities that face the zoo and wider wildlife attraction sector.  John will challenge the status quo, reveal the possibilities and, through his enviable network, offer solutions.  John has your interests at heart!

– Edward Perry, former CEO Knowsley Estate and Safari

My initial time at the University of Dundee Botanic Garden was aided greatly by the support and insight provided by John Regan and Associates. Working collegiately to explore the potential of the Botanic Garden, enabled through open discussions, supportive visits and an evaluation of how to align effort to better fit with the University Mission was of profound help in informing the initial strategy. A strategy which was been taken forward to great success during a time of profound challenge, testament to the sage advice and evaluation provided. I am very happy to endorse their work and recommend their services to others in a similar position.

– Kevin Frediani, University of Dundee

I am both fortunate and delighted that my path crossed John’s a few years back. Our Society is in the process of developing a water focussed biodiversity project in western Canada, and in initial searches for expertise, I randomly stumbled across Regan & Associates. I can attest that John’s scope of vision is always exhilarating and leaves a trail of inspiration that invariably stretches and breaks our own ideas well past their edges. Whether in project development like his Bio Parc initiative, nature-based attractions innovations, or straight up network growth and funding, one ignores his advice and insights to their detriment. Our team is looking forward to working with him and his colleagues in greater depth over the next few years with our project.


– • Paula Polman, Chair, Aquatic Biosphere Project, Canada

“ I worked with John and his colleagues both in the UK and during his field trip to Japan. This was in terms of considering issues around environmental remediation in the Fukushima Prefecture. The proposals emerging from John and his associates,  using local nature as a resource, in terms of ‘rewilding’ and  the ‘Fukushima Phoenix’ concept were all eye opening. We were impressed by the overall potential to turn the disadvantages associated with Fukushima to positive advantage.”

– Tetsuo Yasutaka, Grope leader, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), JAPAN

“John is a highly accomplished fund raiser with a particular range of experience and skills that make him ideally suited to working with Zoos and Aquariums. He has an excellent track record of raising significant levels of funding for capital projects and I would recommend him highly if this was one of your organisations objectives.”

– Dave Gibson, Managing Director, National Marine Aquarium

“John Regan is a most tenacious person in lobbying for external funding of zoo activities that have a bearing on society. He is able to access influencers and champions at the highest levels. With these connections and his wide knowledge base he has been impressively successful in securing funding for capital projects in zoos. John is one of those persons who have been able to convince decision makers, that zoos matter.”

– Hans Van Weerd, general curator Melbourne zoo, zoos Victoria

“John’s work has been quite complete covering the main issues of the work assigned. He has been quite helpful not only during the project, but also afterwards with more details about the issues. He really knows about the business.”

– Roberto Guedes, Director na Zoo Santo Inacio, Portugal

“John provided European Zoos with advice on fundraising and marketing. I found him very helpful and competent and his advice was excellent. He is a great guy to work with.”

– Neil Stronach, Ecological consultant and former Director, Fota Wildlife Park, Ireland

“John is a very amiable person, which almost ‘masks’ his sharp intellect. He grasps your ‘subject’ very quickly and gives feed back fast and fully. He also provides answers and comments whenever you ask, no matter what erratic questions it may be. A great person to have by your side.”

– Hans-Ove Larsson, Skansen Zoo, Stockholm

“Here at the Eden Project we’ve been very fortunate to have known and worked with John over a number of years. John mixes his impressive knowledge of EU and UK funding with an amazing network of contacts to present us with some exciting opportunities. His ability to spot a gap or find the right angle to lever in funding or build new relationships with like minded organisations is incredibly beneficial to us and we hope to continue to work with John for many years to come”.

Dan James, Eden Project Cornwall

“Space for Giants was delighted by JRA’s support for the recent launch of our UK fundraising programme at the House of Lords just prior to Christmas. This event was hugely successful and completely oversubscribed, attended by giants of the political, philanthropic, media, business, academic and conservation world. We have immediately secured several large donations from generous supporters and are in the process of negotiating several further”.

– Dr Max Graham, Director, Space for Giants

“This is to record, briefly, BirdLife’s appreciation of the work that John Regan Associates did with us to raise funds for conservation of Tsitongambarika Forest in Madagascar. JRA staff had strong contact networks, worked effectively on complex logical frameworks and narrative proposals, ensured deadlines were met, responded promptly to correspondence and handled complex multi-institutional partnerships with great professionalism. The project is proceeding as I write thanks to approaches made by JRA to one of the foundations they had themselves identified.

Many thanks for the important role you played. I would not hesitate to recommend JRA to others in a similar position to ourselves”.

– Roger Safford, Senior Programme Manager, BirdLife International

“In assisting zoos with identifying European and other funding opportunities for their education and conservation projects, John Regan provides a unique service. John is not only very experienced when it comes to the business and funding side of zoological operations, but he is also very capable of finding connections between what we do (or want to do) and the programs and thinking at EU and government levels. It also helps that he is a nice guy to work with.”

– Harry Schram, formerly Executive Director, EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquariums)

Document Downloads

  • In how many different and distinct ways can a University find benefit in collaborating with a biodiversity focussed venue (eg, a zoo, aquarium, botanic garden or wildlife park)?

  • The sponsor’s perspective: interview with Sir Nick Scheele (former President of Ford Worldwide and Executive Chairman of Jaguar Cars) who negotiated the $3 million deal     Download Interview

  • 10 steps to successful financial sponsorship for conservation organisations, zoos, natural history sites and aquariums Download 10 Steps

  • Interview with Lena Linden, former Director of Nordens Ark, Sweden as to her external funding success Lena Linden interview 4 Download interview

  • Many years ago I had the privilege of doing a modest piece of strategic consultancy with Skansen Zoo, in Stockholm, Sweden.  I was pleased that subsequently that institution drew down the largest single project  sponsorship in Swedish history.   This was due to a mountain of hard work on their part.  Later I interviewed my in-house colleague there Tomas Andersen  as to their successful strategy  How Skansen won its € 4 million Download

  • This the Manifesto for Zoos I wrote all the way back in 2004!   It was brought together in response to difficult discussions with the UK Government around Gift Aid.  I would do something quite different now ( even more expansive in terms of the overall value and potential of zoos to society),  but think there is plenty of material still relevant to biodiversity driven sites making their case to funders.